Update: 2014 Kaizen Tours Schedule (Japan & Europe)

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I just returned from a week in Japan. Like anywhere else, and perhaps surprisingly, there are many companies lagging badly behind in the adoption and implementation of kaizen. This is good news for those who notice this. There is also a unique geographic concentration of innovative firms advanced in the application of kaizen across the enterprise. This density of excellent companies, the ease of travel within Japan and the hospitality of our hosts are what makes a benchmark tour to Japan such a great experience.


Kaizen Tours in Japan


The next public Kaizen Tour to Japan on October 19-25 is open for registration. We will visit four companies, engage in Q&A and facilitated discussions on how to accelerate and sustain continuous improvement.


Un voyage pour découvrir kaizen au Japon


Also in October, we are offering or our first fully French-language version of our Kaizen Tour. This will be facilitated in cooperation by Kaizen Institute consultants from France and Japan.


Healthcare Kaizen Tour


We are also planning our second annual Healthcare-themed Kaizen Tour. It will be schedule in the fourth quarter of the this year. Please contact us to request more information.


Kaizen Tours in Europe


Our annual two-day Kaizen Tour in Switzerland will be held on September 17-18. These two days feature three company visits and an optional seminar kaizen management seminar on the 19th.


Customizable Kaizen Tours


We continue to expand our Kaizen Tour capabilities in Europe. We are proud to newly offer a customizable four-day tour, combining best-in-class examples of lean manufacturing, lean distribution, lean office, lean R&D, and lean retail. Learn more about how to organize a Kaizen Tour in Portugal. Showcasing the work of 15 years of Kaizen Institute in Iberia, this tour is not to be missed.


Learn more about lean manufacturing and lean office benchmarking opportunities.

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