Table of Contents for Creating a Kaizen Culture

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The first round of copy editing and author proofing for Creating a Kaizen Culture: Align the Organization, Achieve Breakthrough Results, and Sustain the Gains is complete. The book is on track to be published by McGraw-Hill on or before October 2013. Updated: November 8, 2013.


Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement. To answer the questions about specific contents of the book, here is the complete Table of Contents as it stands now.




Chapter 1: Why We Need a Kaizen Culture


The ABCs of Organizational Culture


What is Kaizen Culture?


Learning How to Adapt from Virginia Mason Medical Center


Kaizen Culture as Countermeasure to Extension Transference


Human Adaptability, the Strategic Competitive Advantage


Is Kaizen Culture Easier within Japanese Culture?


Chapter 2: The True Meaning of Kaizen


The True Meaning of Zen in Kaizen


A Reintroduction to Kaizen


The American Roots of Kaizen


The Creative Idea Suggestion System


Simple Yet Transformational Kaizen at Franciscan St. Francis Health


Where did the Kaizen Event Come From?


Kaizen is a Product of Japan’s History, Not Culture


What’s the Japanese for “Teamwork”?


A History of Adoption and Adaptation of Ideas


The False Dichotomy of Kaizen and Innovation


Kaizen in the R&D Team at Electrolux


The Scientific Method within Organizational DNA


Chapter 3: Core Beliefs within Kaizen Culture


Integrity, Core Beliefs and the Act of Kaizen


Precepts, Points, Creeds and Principles


Toyoda Precepts and their Impact on Toyota’s Culture


The Management Creed of a Toyota Executive


Explicitly Defining Core Values at Zappos


From Core Beliefs to Shared Purpose


Alignment with Long-term Purpose at Medtronic


The Trust and Security to “Stop and Fix” at NUMMI


Respect for Individuals and their Development


Serving the Internal Customer as a Coach


Did Mr. Nakao Just Say, “Two Mules?”


Urgency, Connecting, Consensus


Sharing Goodness Beyond the Organizations


Beliefs, Decisions and Our Destiny


Chapter 4: The Meta-decision of Kaizen Culture


Organizational Culture as a Decision-making Filter


Decision Making Based on Tradition


Decision Making Based on Authority


Decision Making by “Majority Rules”


Decision Making Based on “Trial by Fire”


Pragmatic Decision Making


Scientific Decision Making


Adaptive Decision Making


From “My Way or the Highway” to the Kaizen Way at HON Industries


Why Kaizen Transformations Succeed


Broad-based Skill Building at Chrysler Corporation


The Strategic Decision to Create a Kaizen Culture


Chapter 5 Kaizen as Strategy in Practice


Strategy as a System of Expedients


Hoshin Kanri: The PDCA Cycle Adapted to Strategy


The Vital Few: Kaizen Everything or Just What Matters?


Catch Ball: Organizational Alignment the Kaizen Way


Alignment between Process and Results at Lockheed Martin


From Operational Kaizen to Strategic Kaizen


No Plan Goes According to Plan


Chapter 6: Daily Kaizen


Maintenance of Standards


How Much Time Should a Leader Spend on the Gemba?


Every Day Improvement


Growing People Every Day at FastCap


Team Development Program at Sonae Retail


What’s So Hard about Simple Kaizen?


Chapter 7: The Emotional Lives of Kaizen Teams


Ethos, Pathos and Logos


Helping People Scale the Change Curve


The Triple Purpose of a Kaizen Event


Creating Emotional Engagement in Kaizen at Wiremold


Changing the Scenery within the Week


The Kaizen Team Presentation Day


The Facilitator’s Role in Leading People through Kaizen


A Kaizen Event with Shigeo Shingo at Hill-Rom Industries


Why Toyota Doesn’t Do Kaizen Events, but You Should


What Kaizen Events Teach Us About Our Culture


Following Up


From Kaizen Event Results to Kaizen Cultures


Chapter 8: Sustaining a Kaizen Culture


The Odds Against Survival


To Sustain is to Change


Sustaining through Habits


Positive and Negative Reinforcement Loops


Modeling the Desired Behavior


Sustaining through Communication at Vibco


Sharing to Sustain


Top-down Leadership Support at Herman Miller


The Trick to Sustaining Kaizen at Kaas Tailored


The Way We Do Anything


Chapter 9: Organizational Readiness for Kaizen Transformation


Top-Management Commitment


Aligning Kaizen with Long-term Purpose


Believing in Service Excellence at the Rotorua District Council


Stability, Safety and Security


Readying Middle Management for Culture Change at Bosch


Leaders as Teachers: from Span of Control to Span of Support


Making Time for Kaizen


Finding a Smooth Starting Point


Embracing Change at Oregon Community Credit Union


Starting with the Idea of Changing Culture


Chapter 10 : Facing Up to the Culture Monster


Why Transformation Programs Are Failing


Overcoming Cultural Obstacles to Kaizen at Franciscan St. Francis Health


Turning the Big Wheel of Culture PDCA


What Problem Are You Solving?








The authors received a lot of help from many people in writing this book. We only hope that we do the subject justice and succeed in moving the conversation forward on the subject of creating a kaizen culture.

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