Review of Management Lessons from Taiichi Ohno by Takehiko Harada

I had previously read and enjoyed the Japanese version of this book by Toyota veteran Takehiko Harada. Therefore I was curious to see how its idiosyncrasies would be handled in the process of editing and presenting it to a Western audience. Released in English as Management Lessons from Taiichi Ohno: What Every Leader Can Learn from the Man Who Invented the Toyota…Continue reading

Celebrate 30 Years of Kaizen, Nov 5-6 in Frankfurt

Kaizen Institute was established in 1985 by Masaaki Imai and is celebrating 30 years of spreading the good news about continuous improvement worldwide this year. Join the celebration on November 5th & 6th in Frankfurt, Germany at the Kaizen Kongress global lean conference event.     The Kaizen Kongress will feature 6 keynote speakers, a panel discussion with lean experts and practitioners…Continue reading

Ambiguous Visual Controls: Caution! Possible Scalding

  Labeling and signage alone are about as effective in preventing accidents  as fences are in preventing birds from flying over them. It sometimes seems that warning labels are only there to minimize the liability of the proprietors who were either too lazy, lacking in creativity or disengaged from their work to really think about how to prevent an injury, far from…Continue reading

Why is “What is Lean?” ‘A Simple Question Without An Easy Answer’?

  Why is “What is Lean?” a ‘simple question without an easy answer?’  First of all, “what is lean?” is not a question whose answer can be qualified as “easy” or “hard” but rather “clear” or “vague” or “right” or “wrong”. Definitions exist. The lean community accepts ambiguity, likes the convenience of defining it one’s own way, or as in the example…Continue reading

Review of Value Stream Mapping by Karen Martin & Mike Osterling

  There have been several watershed moments in the development of Western consciousness and practice of Lean management over the past 25 years. Perhaps first was the arrival of Masaaki Imai, Chihiro Nakao and Yoshiki Iwata in Connecticut in 1988 to deliver the first detailed training on TPS and kaizen. This was followed by hands-on workshops which opened the eyes of leaders…Continue reading